puddletag Documentation

Download these docs: HTML | ReStructuredText

First I have to introduce you to the naming conventions used by puddletag (some copied from Mp3tag).

Say you have a MP3 file with full path /mnt/music/Miley - Cyrus/USA Party.mp3

  • The container used to store metadata will be referred to as the tag. In this case it’s like an ID3 tag. All containers are referred to as tags. So when I say tag think complete as APEv2 tag, ID3 (ID3v2, ID3v1) tag, etc.

  • Fields are what the different attributes of the file are called. Eg. artist, title or album.

  • Values associated with fields are referred to as…’values’ (like ‘Miley Cyrus’ or ‘USA Party’ ). If there’s more than one value associated with a field (eg. two genres) it’ll referred to as a multiple-valued field.

  • Sometimes I use tag to refer to the all the fields + values contained in a file.