About puddletag

puddletag is just a tag editor. Although it’s likely better than what you’re used to (unless you’ve used Mp3tag, in which case it’s kinda like what you’re used to).

Thank yous

First off, a big thanks to Evan Devetzis for working tirelessly in helping me make puddletag better by contributing many, many awesome ideas and for being a great bug hunter.

To the writers of the libraries puddletag depends on (without which I’ll probably still be writing an id3 reader).

  • Paul McGuire for PyParsing and for being extraordinarily helpful.
  • Michael Urman and Joe Wreschnig for Mutagen (It. Is. Awesome).
  • Nokia, Phil Thomson and all parties responsible for PyQt4.
  • Michael Foord and Nicola Larosa for ConfigObj (seriously, they should replace ConfigParser with this).
  • The Oxygen team for the Oxygen icons.

And for those who’ve contributed, the people whose code I stole, those who helped me out on discussion boards and to open-source creators, Thanks a bunch.


Thank you to the translators below for their contributions.

  • Dutch (Nederlands) by Fabian Bakkum.
  • French by Raphaël Rochet.
  • German by Ralf Sarholz.
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) by Alan Gomes.
  • Russian by Viktor Yu. Kovalskiy.
  • Czech by Pavel Fric.
  • Spanish by José Vidal
  • Swedish by Åke Engelbrektson